Moonie's Storytime Gallery

Welcome to the Moon Room!

Under Heavy Construction

I'm hoping to use this space to share my art, charcter refs, and story bits to all the projects I'm currently working on. But, until I get a hang of things, this page will just serve as a little sandbox for code and junk while I'm bored at my job. Once I feel more confident with the layout and with what I'm doing, I'll be making more art related updates. Stay tuned!

I'm still getting my toes wet in the HTML/CSS pool, (I haven't messed around with this since I was a dumb kid on Neopets) so expect to see some questionable web design decisions and a lot of edits. I have been having a blast seeing all the cool stuff and creativity here on Neocities (I've even been spreading the word to a few interested people). I doubt that I'll figure out how to do something as amazing, but that's okay. I'm not here to make the world's greatest webspace, I just wanna make a little gallery and have fun with it.

Help me design a character!: Character Poll

Huge thanks to for the layout maker, guides, and tiles. Also, I didn't do a good job of writing down where/who I got some of the blinkies/stamps/etc. from, so if you see yours here and would like to be credited please tell me so I can give you the thanks you deserve.